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The octopus waterplant server can be found at by connecting to minecraft server octopus.waterplant.org.
Before you can connect, you probably need a custom client, as explained below.

Client Install

Connecting to the server can be done with the MultiMC minecraft client:

  • First, start downloading this zip, as it can take some time.
  • While waiting, download the MulciMC client here.
  • Unzip MultiMc in your games folder.
  • Run MultiMC
  • Choose your java version
  • Add your account by clicking accounts (see picture below, step 1), click manage accounts, and adding your mojang account (step 2).

(More instructions below the picture)

  • Then go to settings (step 1 below) and put your max java memory to something nice (75% of your system RAM should be good)(step 2).

(More instructions below the picture)

  • Then click new instance (top left button)
  • Choose Import Modpack, and select the zip we downloaded in step one (when it is done), and click OK.
  • Importing can take some time, and in the mean time, MultiMC might seem to freeze. It is just working really hard, so have some patience here.
  • You should now see a Icon with your new minecraft client.
  • Click it to play!